Magenta Magnetic


Our cutting edge DC Residual Current Detection solution is ideal for integration into the latest EV Charging Equipment to provide the necessary 6mA DC leakage function with high accuracy, small footprint and low cost.

AC Electric Vehicle Charging systems require a means to detect DC leakage currents that can Impair standard upstream electric shock protection.

The standard for EV chargers, IEC 61851, states that the AC charging system must provide protection from electric shock by either an expensive Type B RCD, or a more typical type A RCD along-side a device that detects a DC residual fault greater than 6mA.

Magenta Magnetic sensors employ fluxgate detection technology in its DC residual current detectors, this provides unparalleled accuracy of residual current measurement within large balanced currents.

Flexible Multi-Outputs
Our flexible solution for residual current detection covers both EV Residual current detection Standards by providing 2 independent outputs to give a choice of function.

  • 6mA DC only detection as preferred for Mode 3 Chargers and defined by IEC62955.
  • 6mA DC and 30mA AC detection as defined within the Mode 2 IC-CPD standard, IEC62752.

A PWM output is also provided for fault current monitoring with optional functionality.

Large Aperture Current Transformer
Our solution provides a shielded Current Transformer with a large aperture, facilitating easy assembly of the large conductors required for higher charging currents.

There is also an integrated conductor options where full PCB integration is required.

Small Footprint, Low Cost
A licensing option for CT and Sensor IC gives access to a reference circuit design. As only the sensor IC and CT are being sourced from Magenta Magnetic, the design can be embedded into the customer control board keeping costs down. With minimal additional components required, the PCB real estate required excluding the CT is an industry leading single sided 1cm x 2cm.

Our technology combined with years of experience in the sector gives us the optimum solutions for  Mode 2 and Mode 3 charging needs.

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